21 d’abril – dia 3

  • Avui a la  classe hem parlat en anglès d’estereotips i nacionalitats i hem fet molts exercicis per escrit i de conversa. Com són els irlandesos?  Quins costums tenen? Quins són els seus balls tradicionals?
  • Shillelagh és un estil de música tradicional irlandesa. Per ballar podem utilitzar sabates dures, com les de la profe de ball,  o toves, més o menys com les nostres. Ceol agus craic  o Ceilī en són d’altres, com se’ns mostra en el River Dance d’Eurovisió del 94.
  • Si som més clàssics, podem anar-nos-en cap al Sean nōs o  Old Style. Pels qui prefereixin cant, podran veure que hi ha diferents varietats. Com instruments típics tenim el bodhrán (una mena de timbala) o inclús les culleretes.
  • Nosaltres hem cantat el da ma do da ma da i hem ballat molt! Però també hi ha hagut algun talent dels nostres que s’ha arrencat a cantar al pub irlandès, interpretació amb guitarra inclosa!!
  • Per cert, avui també ens ha fet molt bon temps!

Day By Day By Us

1. The morning lesson – by Joan Gomà & Marc Molina

Today in class we learned about stereotypes. We spoke about countries and persons and things we associated with them. We spoke about the culture of Ireland and their music and typical dances. The teacher called Austin is very funny and explains all very well. It was funny so I’m excited about going to school. We do a lot of exercises, all about Ireland, so we work a lot! It’s all fantastic, I love Ireland!

2. The afternoon activity – by Marc Garcia & Pau Ibàñez

On Tuesday’s afternoon, after having lunch, we went into the hotel’s bar. There were two girls waiting for us, one of them showed us some traditional Irish songs and the other one showed u show to dance traditional Irish dances. In our opinión we enjoyed this new experience a lot and we laughed really much, but we found it quite difficult. When we finished dancing, the girl who owes the guitar let some of us play it, and we started to sing in English and Spanish.

3. Our own anecdotes – by Marina Cobo & Anna Vall

Yesterday, Marina and I went shopping with our host mother to Dublin. Laia and Laura came with us. We stayed in some boutiques durind two hours and at nine o’clock we returned to our house. We played football with Andrew, who is the son of the family and younger than us. After that, we put our pijamas on and went to relax in the room. We talked with our families of Spain and after we went to sleep.