25 d’abril – dia 7

  • Estem preparats tots per l’excursió a Dublín? Doncs ens trobarem sobre les 9:00 a l’estació de tren Confey de Leixlip per marxar cap allà.
  • Allà farem una visita guiada amb la Suzanne i el Maitiú. Ens explicaran tot allò què hàgim de saber sobre la capital. Ens deixaran una estoneta per menjar-nos el dinar que ens han preparat les nostres famílies, i, si acabem d’hora, tindrem també una estoneta de temps lliure per anar de shopping fins les 16:00. Llavors ens trobarem per agafar el tren altre cop per tornar a les nostres cases de Leixlip. Tant de bo el temps ens acompanyi! Ahir va acabar plovent (una mica al tard només) i avui el cel no promet massa. Ens endurem els paraigües per si de cas!

Day By Day By Us

1. The morning lesson – by Laia Solé & Laura Mases

Today we went to Dublin, to have a tour, to walk through the streets, and buy some stuff. We have gone to the city by train, then we have met Maitiú, our guide, and he showed us the city. We have seen the university, the hall, the castle, and churches. Then we have gone to a pub, where a boy called Kevin has played the guitar for us, and a man has played the elbow pipe [Uilleann Pipe or Irish Pipe]. It has been a rainy day, but we have enjoyed a lo tour last day in Ireland.

2. The afternoon activity – by Marina Cobo & Anna Vall

After the tour, we had four hours for having lunch and go shopping. First, we went to different shops and we bought some clothes. One hour later, when we were hungry, we had lunch. It was made by our family. When we finished, we came back to Leixlip by train and we had dinner.

3. Our own anecdotes – by Raquel Martín & Anna París

We arrived at home at five o’clock and we had the last dinner. Then we went to do the final shopping and we went to buy paper to wrap the presents for our family. After, we stayed with some friends and we did the suitcase  because tomorrow at half past eleven we have to go to the Sports Center and then we will go to the airport.