Hem sortit puntualment de l’INSTITUT

19 d’abril – dia 1

  • Avui no ha calgut despertar ningú.
  • Un cop a l’aeroport tots han pogut passar els tràmits i facturar l’equipatge. Tots els papers en ordre.
  • Si voleu consultar l’estat del vol: recordeu que arriba a les 14:20 hora d’Irlanda i les 15:20 hora de Mollerussa.                    http://www.aena.es/csee/Satellite/infovuelos/ca/ cal posar-hi:VY 8720
  • Informació del vol VY 8720 en temps real: es.flightaware.com/live/flight/VLG8720/history/20150419/1045ZZ/LEBL/EIDW
  • Ja hem aterrat a Dublín sense cap novetat a les 14:13 Hora Irlandesa.
  • La Zusanne ens ha rebut a l’aeroport i hem pujat a l’autocar que ens conduiria a Leixlip. A partir d’aquest punt ja només hem parlat en anglès :)
  • Hem fet cap al centre GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) de Leixlip, un centre de lleure i esportiu on es juga en dimecres al hurling i al gaelic football, una mescla curiosa de rugby, futbol, bàsquet i vòlei. Allí hem fet el repartiment de famílies. Ningú s’ha quedat sense! Ens hem presentat i se’ns han endut cap a  les respectives cases.
  • La resta del dia ja ens l’hem passat a la nostra casa d’acollida, on hem donat els obsequis (petits detallets), hem sopat ben d’hora , i hem anat a passejar el sopar fins l’hora de dormir…
  • Demà ben de matí ens espera l’examen de nivell i comencem els cursos amb molt d’entusiasme :)
  • Ah!!! per cert, avui ha fet molt bon dia! No ens ha plogut i ha fet sol.

Day By Day By Us

1. From Mollerussa to the airport – by Marta Timoneda & Ariadna Poch

Today we had to get up very early because at eight o’clock our bus was leaving from our high-school in Mollerussa. We stayed by one our and a half at the bus and finally we arrived to the airport. At the airport we did the check in and all the papers. Everything was in each place. So, at 12:45 PM we catch our plane to Dublin. We were very nervous but nothing really happened.

2. From the plane to our families’ homes – by Laura Mases & Laia Solé

When we went to the plane, we were very nervous, and quite frightened, because some of we had never travelled by plane. In the plane there were three workers who sold some food (pizza, pasta, sugars, potatoes, …) and drinks. When we were at the middle of the journey, there were some turbulences – I didn’t feel any [Teacher]. Finally we arrived in Ireland at 14:20, we took our luggage, and we went to Leixlip, we waited in a type of bar our families, while a girl who is a guide explained us everything about the trip. Now, we are in our houses, and tomorrow we will go to our school.

3. Our own anecdotes – by Carla Aymerich & Helena Molina

The first day, when we arrived, we met the family and went to the street with the two Little boys. We learnt top lay a new game, the courp. You have to hit the courp from the other side of the street. If you hit it you win a step. You win the game we you do 10 steps. After playing the courp, we went inside the house and watched TV until we had dinner. The dinner was delicious. We ate ham, potatoes in a sauce, and cupcakes as dessert. At 10:00 PM we went to bed. We slept like angels.