22 d’abril – dia 4

  • Bon dia! El temps se’ns porta molt bé! Torna a fer sol!
  • A la classe hem estat treballant l’expressió oral amb fotografies que ens passa el Colm sobre ell mateix . Ens fa fer preguntes sobre allò que veiem. Hem vist també les províncies d’Irlanda i una introducció als esports típics d’aquí, com el hurling o el gaelic footballAra ja estem preparats per la sessió d’esports de la tarda!
  • Després de dinar a l’hotel, hem baixat al camp del GAA. Ens ha fet bon temps. Hem fet molt d’exercici i ens hem cansat molt! Cal molta destresa pel hurling: és un esport difícil. Ens ho hem passat molt bé!!

Day By Day By Us

1. The morning lesson – by Pol Castelló & David Rojas

Hello! We are Pol and David. On Wednesday we have been studying some national stereotypes like the spanish stereotypes that say  that we are loudy and we are very selfish. The  irish stereotypes say that they drink a lot. We were reading a text about the best tourists in the world. It said that the Brazilian are the best tourists in the world and the German the worst. After the break we did a worksheet about marriage for better and for worst. We also had another reading with two opinions. One said that getting divorced is better for the children and the other said that staying together is better for the children. And that’s all we did on Wednesday.

2. The afternoon activity – by Adrià Cusiné & Ignasi Delgado

Gaelic Football is a very popular sport in Ireland. Lots of Irish people played it and support their favourite teams. It consists in kicking the ball with the foot over the goal and between two posts to win one point, or to kick the ball into the goal to win three points. You can keep the ball in your hands and do three steps maximum. -After that three steps you have to bounce again the ball, at least once. [Teacher] Hurling is also very popular between the Irish athletes. It has the similar score rules as Gaelic Football but you have to kick the ball with a stick.

3. Our own anecdotes – by Miquel Garrofé & Xavier Puig

During this travel to Ireland –one of the best travels of our life, we are enjoying lots of things and learning a lot, too. On Monday we had a tour in Leixlip. Tuesday, we learned typical songs and dances. Wednesday, we played gaelic football and hurling. In the evening we also do things with our families. On Thursday, for example, we played bowling. We were sado on Wednesday, because we heard that the electric power station in Mollerussa got burned. Luckily there were no people injured and so we can continue enjoying our trip.