23 d’abril – dia 5

  • Bon dia de Sant Jordi!!! Assolellat també! Felicitats a tots els Jordis! Per cert, nosaltres no ens n’hem endut cap a Irlanda. Ja ens han preguntat com és que no en tenim cap entre nosaltres, perquè saben que és un nom típic català (La Suzanne, coordinadora, fa 10 anys que viu a Barcelona). Esperem que tingueu un bon dia replet d’activitats a l’institut o allà on sigueu! Nosaltres també ens hem proposat fer alguna activitat extra, com regalar-nos alguna rosa, … Ja veurem com evoluciona la idea al llarg del dia.
  • A classe continuem parlant de tòpics molt interessants! També fem gramàtica i vocabulari nou a dojo!
  • Avui per la tarda ens dividirem en dos grups i farem per torns un Quizz amb la Suzanne i un Treasure Hunt per Leixlip amb el nostre tour leader Maitiú. ¡A veure quines coses més descobrim de Leixlip i Irlanda!

Day By Day By Us

1. The morning Lesson – by Amèlia Govor & Marta Gonzàlez

Today when we went to Austin’s class, he gave us a sheet, for things that are banned or ilegal in some countries. After, when we finished, Austin gave us another language worksheet. We also played a game: Austin gave a paper to four boysof us, with a list of different products to prepare lunch. We had to ask the four boys if they had the products we needed to prepare our lunch, write them on a paper. The winner was the one who had the cheapest list.

In the other classroom, we begin top lay a game for 10 minutes and before we wrote questions. We should use them in a composition of a famous person. It was a competition and Miquel Garrofé, Ignasi and I (Amelia Govor) won it.

After the lunch we had a Quiz with Seán and a Treasure Hunt with Maitiú, in which we had to run around Leixlip asking questions. The one who ended first won.

2. The afternoon activity – by Carla Aymerich & Blanca Culleré

This afternoon was very funny because we did a Quiz and a Treasure Hunt. We started with the Treasure Hunt and that’s fantastic because we did a tour in Leixlip to search clues to find a treasure but there wasn’t any treasure. After we had a Quiz, which was divided  in three rounds. The first one was about general questions, for example, what’s the patron of Ireland. The second round was about pictures. We ought to guess the person who was in the photo. The third round was about music, and we ought to guess who was the Singer and what was the title of the song. Our group won the third place and that was fantastic!

3. Our own anecdotes – by Anna Estévez & Marta Garcia

Today in the afternoon we did two games: a Quiz and a Treasure Hunt. It was vey funny. At 4:30 our family collected me. We went home and we had dinner. The dinner was pizza and chips. It was very tasty. Then we went to the swimming pool because the child swam. After we went shopping for Maynooth. It was a fantastic afternoon-evening.