24 d’abril – dia 6

  • Bon dia! Estem a la recta final: les classes s’acabaran dintre d’una estona. Hem repassat tot allò que hem fet durant la setmana. Ens han fet preguntes i els millors han estat els primers en rebre uns “Haribitos”. Ningú s’ha quedat sense! Després de la pausa de mig matí, sobre les 11:00, ens hem ajuntat els dos grups amb els dos profes per jugar al joc d’Snakes and Ladders (una mena de Trivial) i per fer un Quiz (Preguntados).
  • Avui ens hem aixecat amb el cel ennuvolat, però no fa fred ni amenaça de ploure.
  • Avui hem tingut tarda d’Arts & Crafts (manualitats): hem pintat samarretes amb motius irlandesos (que ens endurem a casa) i hem fet els nostres propis dissenys de Leprechauns o follets típics de la cultura irlandesa. Ens ho hem passat pipa amb la Suzanne i el Maitiú! Però ja se’ns han acabat les classes :( Trobarem a faltar l’Austin i el Colm!
  • Al final del dia ha sortit el sol un altre cop. Demà ens espera una visita guiada a Dublin!

Day By Day By Us

1. The morning lesson – by Anna Garrofé & Maria Molino

Today in the B class, when we arrived we played a game. It was based on a grid on the whiteboard. There were two groups. We had to say a number and the teacher asked us a question. If we answered correctly the question we had a point. Then we wrote on a paper our favourite songs and we had tos ay why do we like these songs. Before, we listened to the music we said it was our favourite.

Today in the A class we did activities about cinema, theatre and pubs. We also did another activity about famous actors in Ireland. It was really interesting. Then, after the break, we played all together a play that is called Snakes and Stairs. In each box of the game board we had a different assignment: explain or describe something in 20 seconds or one minute. We had a lot of fun.

2. The afternoon activity – by Gil Bonet & Eduard Pujol

Hello, yesterday we painted a T-shirt with all the things that we want. Me (Gil), for example, I wrote a phrase about the truth and other drawings, for example, I love Maitiú. Me (Edu), I wrote my name and my favourite number. Finally, we drew and painted the leprcount     [^-^]. Also Suzanne gave us the opportunity to listen to music while we were painting. Once finished, Suzanne gave us the T-shirt.

3. Our own anecdotes – by Ariadna Poch & Marta Timoneda

Today, after having dinner, the sun started to shine so we decided to go for a walk and meet with Laia and Laura. We had to walk a lot because the live far away. When we were together, it suddenly started to rain and we didn’t have any umbrella so we had to run. We were obviously freezing –because  we are in Ireland until we got home. We went as fast as we could and we arrived as wet as a fish. We think we won’t have a walk in Ireland without an umbrella.